Welcome to Manchester Management.

Manchester Management is a family owned property management business located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Here at Manchester Management we offer our customers value with our hands-on approach to property management. We have no hidden costs; we give you a base rate and do not add any surcharges for call-outs. We base our price only on what is occupied in your building. This way you don’t pay us for your vacant property which makes us work harder to fill your space faster, saving you money and improving your bottom line. Our extensive knowledge of the residential tenancies branch regulations will keep you informed of your rights and obligations as a landlord. We deal with all tenant complaints and attend any potential hearings on your behalf.

Our Staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, helping you get what you need when you require it. We have our own independent renovation specialist and maintenance crew available, as well as an in-house licensed real estate agent. Purchasing a revenue property and having it managed by the same company is a great way to maximize your investment dollars!

At Manchester Management we work with you to create better communities for tenants while maximizing your invested dollars!

If you would like to contact Manchester Management , please call or e-mail us:
Elaine or Chelsey at (204) 229-4253

Currently we have these fine properties for rent: